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As much as I would love to tell you that 6 months from now your plan will have worked, I promise you it will not. Your wife needs therapy to find out why shes so angry, and you need therapy to find out why you allow someone to treat you this way. Placating an abuser is exhausting, and while it may seem like a short term answer, the peace will not last..

Seattle area: You want to pick one or two locations rather than try to hit everything. It can take several hours just to drive from one side of Olympic NP to the other, let alone driving there from Seattle. Olympic is cool because in 4 6 days you can easily photograph mountains, temperate rainforest, rivers and waterfalls, and the beach with famous seastacks and massive driftwood logs.

My Beta jacket just got back from RMA, had it 12 years and the zipper finally decided to stop working. Dropped it at the store and 3 weeks later I got a fixed jacket. To be fair I have a 20 year old Columbia jacket but that’s just used for spring camping..

Demanding a stop to the killing. 9th District Court in San Francisco, estimated that the suit could affect as much as $1.8 billion worth of shrimp the entire amount imported annually. The move follows lawsuits by Earth Island aimed at restricting imports of tuna caught in ways that endanger dolphins..

China has become an Olympic powerhouse. When the government decided to allocate significant resources toward Olympic success a process that included recruiting children as young as 6 years old, often separating them from their parents, and, as most experts believe and the World Anti Doping Agency may soon show, using performance enhancing drugs with abandon they achieved their goals. In many Olympic sports, high performance is a matter of biomechanics and discipline.

Fire kills homemaker, baby critical01 Dec 2017A 26 year old homemaker and her two yearold daughter were found in their Baranagar flat’s living room on Wednesday afternoon, under mysterious circumstances. The duo was taken to Baranagar State General Hospital and later shifted to RG Kar Hospital. While the woman Pinky Roy succumbed to her injuries on Thursday morning, her child Jiangshi is battling for life at SSKM Hospital.Abandoned 74 year old offers jewellery to doctors30 Nov 2017No doctor at the Habra State General Hospital knows what to do with this elderly woman.

Too, has been responding to all the negativity running rampant. The house is a disaster, because I too exhausted to do anything about it. I so tired I snapping at anything, and having to eat more crow than I really like. If enough people do that, what will happen is that Facebook will start to not show that post anymore. You still want to see what your Auntie posts, so if your Auntie is somebody who is close to you, you’ll see her post, but you’ll also see something that says this has been labeled fake news. So that’s how it works..

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