November 14th 2009
Gundog Breeds Association Scotland -Judge Jill Savile
1st Limit Dog Springlindi Sullivan
1st Graduate bitch and Reserve CC Luna
1st Post Graduate and Bitch CC
November 1st 2009 
N.E.F.R.A Championship Show Dog Results below
Bitch Judge Bob Allen
Berrie winner of Special bitch
Renn 2nd in Veteran bitch Renn
Luna winner of Yearling Bitch
Clemence 2nd in Post Graduate
Best Puppy in Show  Beanit Luka to Keepersway
Sunday 18th October
Remus 2nd
Luna 2nd
Clemence 1st
Renn 1st and winner of veteran bitch

Sunday 17th October

Remus makes his debut in the shooting field supported by his mum Renn. On his first drive he was nearly hit on the head by a pheasant and so soon realised where they came from and joined his mum watching the skies .We were joined by Anette Dyren and Denver and had a lovely day with some excellent retrieves .

October 3rd 2009

The shooting season has started !!!

Renn and Linnet got their first day off to a flying start and all early signs look to be a good season for the Monkwood shoot !

September 13th 2009 - Judge David Bellamy (Woodfinch)

Seymour gained his second CC and again with Best of Breed and was shorlisted to the final seven in the group . Seymour loved the big ring and all the applause and showed his socks off !!

Congratulations also to Wies Boermans with Brightmoor River Dancer gaining the Reserve dog CC on a flying visit with his co owners ! Brannoc was handled by Jenny Campbell . Congrats to all concerned !!!

September 10th 2009

Today I have been over to see Remus and Jay's puppies at Dorothy Brooks . A lovely litter with four of the puppies going into show homes ... fingers crossed for them all !!!

August 30th 2009

SKC - Judge Yvonne Jaussi

A good day for the Rainesgift gang , Remus gained a second in Graduate dog with the big boys Seymour won Limit and Clemence won her Graduate class again ! An excellent day with horrible weather but made all the better by a stop off at Yellow Craig beach .

August 23rd 2009 - Judge Mike Hughes (Candease)

Seymour made the trip to Welsh Kennel with Little Hayley and Laura and gained a respectable 2nd in Limit dog ....I however partied at the V Festival !!!


10th August 2009

Dorothy Brooks held her annual eye testing day again today with Vet Ian Mason doing the honours.

Berrie (11) Renn (8) Linnet (6) Clemence (3) Remus and Luna (21 months) have all passed their eye tests and are clear from PRA and HC.

6th July 2009

Hayley Walker and I armed with Clemence , Luna and Finn made our way down to the CLA Game Fair last night to be representatives in the Gundog tent for Roz Bellamy . They had a great time meeting their public and as always it was nice to catch with friends new and old. Luna .Clem and Finn can be seen here in the Gundog parade with Mr and Mrs Bellamy and Little H !

25th July 2009- Leeds Championship Show- Judge Chris Holmes

An excellent day for the Rainesgift gang with Remus , Luna , Clemence and Champunzie touchy Feely (Lola) left all winning their classes. seymour came second in open and went on to take his 6th Reserve CC to SH CH Vbos the Kentuckian.

20th July 2009

Remus has sired his second litter today , the mother is Dorothy Brook's Jay Castlerock Ultimate Choice (on left). Mum and babies are doing very well .

1th July 2009- East of England - Judge Viv Stucke (Penyfells)

Viv's first Judging appointment ,Seymour won a second in a good Limit class . Luna won a 5th in yearling ...but the star of the day was the very bald Clemence who won her first Post Graduate Class out of a class of 16 !!! I was very shocked but very pleased !!!

28th June 2009

Remus has sired his first litter today , mum is Linda Walkers beautiful bitch Calswish Rosebud for Lizzlog. Mum and babies doing very well !

20th June 2009 - Border Union - Judge Jim Richardson

Another lovely stay and show at Border Union the Rainesgifts remained in the cards. Photos can be seen on my Flickr pages of the Rainesgift , Clandrift, Gemswin and Woodfinch gang enjoying themselves at the cottage and at Keilder Water

18th June 2009 - Three Counties - judge Shirley Oxford

An excellent days showing with the Rainesgifts in the cards again. But particuarly lovely to see Fran , Rainesgift The Dawn Chorus win her class. Beautifully handled as always by Gemma.

Photo by Gill Smitherman (Seaheart)


5th June 2009 - Southern Counties - Judge Ronnie Ross

Seymour has finally gained his first CC and with Best of Breed , many many thanks to Gemma Knight for handling him !! Also thanks to Gemma for handling Mr Remus in his first Graduate class and to Hayley walker for handling Clemence. I also won the breeders class too many thanks to Gemma for arranging this and to my handlers ..Lauren Vincent ,Hayley Walker, Kelly Holland !

But thankyou most of all to the judge, Ronnie Ross !!!!

April 18th 2009 - Scottish Flat Coated Retriever Championship show

Success at the Scottish Championship show for Remus 2nd again in Junior dog to Ballyriver Mackenzie …it’ a good job I like this dog …or else …. I wouldn’t like it very much !!
Luna gained a reserve in Junior bitch .
Clemence the little star won her Graduate class and Seymour won a good Limit class.
An excellent day for friends with Dawn Warrington winning Best In Show with Tristan and Kelly Holland and Connie going Best Puppy In Show !
All topped off with a fantastic time in the River Clyde joined this time by Dawn Hall and Brian Twigger and the Ghilgrange gang

April 12th 2009

Seymour has become a grandad for the first time today , Rainesgift The Dawn of Tyme for Stranfaer has had her babies sired by Calzeat Causa Commotion at Flatcharm . She has had 3 boys 3 girls mum and babies are doing well . Pictures of the puppies can be seen here

April 11th 2009

Yay ,today at Bolsover open show Luna has joined her brother Remus by gaining her Junior Warrant !!!! She won her Junior class and then went on to win Best Of Breed !! Yeh no more Open shows !!!!

April 10th 2009

At Eastwood open show Luna got a second in Junior bitch under Suzy Tagg . She was beaten by Sika , Jane Calverley’s Seymour daughter . Little Hayley’s Finn won his class as did Rosie ,Calswish Rosebud who then went on to win Best of Breed .Congratulations !

April 9th 2009

We have had lots of visitors today , Helen Stotzak ( Grousemoor ) from the USA and Sophia and Wendy MacDonald ( Coastalight ) from Canada . We took the gang a walk and then headed to Fresh Basil where we were joined by Roz and David Bellamy for a huge lunch !! Again I look forward to the photos ladies

5th March 2009 -Flat Coated Retriever Championship show - Judges Victoria Stibbe Willis (bitches) and Val Jones (dogs)

Today was a blue day at the Flat Coated Retriever Champ Show . Remus won a second again to Ballyriver Mackenzie , Fran was second in her class and renn , Luna and I were second in the brace class .

I did however get to handle Gemma Knight, Mark Jacobs, and Chris Holmes's new liver puppy Candidacasa Son of a Preacher man to win his first Minor Puppy Class !

Also running Mackenzie in the challenge was fun !

April 2nd 2009

Today we have had American visitors ,Stephanie Green ( Milbrose) and Karen Booth ( Wabana) have been to visit . We showed them the delights of Ambergate Woods ( but first the bear at Alderwasley ) and the Res one of our favourite swimming haunts. Remus, Luna , Denver , Finn , Rosie and Otis had a great time swimming . Looking forward to seeing some of the photos

March 29th 2009

Gavin, Alex ,Seth ( on his push bike) and I have done a sponsored bike ride for Alex’s Tae-Kwon Do club on behalf of the NSPCC. We ran 5 and a half miles , many thanks to those who sponsored us

March 14th 2009

An interesting trip down to UK Clone and Hector Heathcote today . We had Remus and Seymour’s semen collected and frozen . Hector was fantastic with the boys and his Deerhound girls were very obliging

March 14th 2009

An interesting trip down to UK Clone and Hector Heathcote today . We had Remus and Seymour’s semen collected and frozen . Hector was fantastic with the boys and his Deerhound girls were very obliging

.March 7th 2009

At last Crufts has arrived !! A good day all in all for the Rainesgift gang with 17 out of , by or bred by Rainesgifts were placed ! Remus won a fantastic Junior dog class therefore getting his Junior Warrant in style !!
Luna was 5th in her Junior class.
Unfortunately we did not make the Gamekeeper classes as Linnet and Fleur have come into season . A shame for Gamekeeper Kim Adams but a bit of relief…I wasn’t looking forward to wearing all the shooting gear !!

I , as always co handled with Gemma Knight I can’t remember how many times we ran between the rings to hold a dog for each other !! Makes it lots of fun though but it’s not so good on the feet the next day ! Many thanks to Gemma for helping with Remus and Luna!

Seymour won a second in Special working dog beaten only by Jack (Clandrift Dark Legend ) the Best of Breed winner .
I had promised Jacks owner Sharon in the class that if they went Best of Breed she could wear the Red suit I was wearing as she was wearing just jeans and a jumper . Jack went Best of Breed in a very popular win and Sharon entered the big ring in the red suit and Catherine Larner’s Ruby Slippers .Jack showed his socks off in the big ring getting himself short listed . We were a very loud contingency whooping and shouting at the big screen in a very empty hall at the N.E.C . Congratulations Jack and Sharon you made us all very proud !!!

Nadja and Barbel have also been over for a few days . Nadja’s first Crufts and quite an experience too I think ! She has taken some fantastic photos of the dogs and some video’s there can be seen here.




March 5th 2009

Our turn to show our socks off at Discover dogs and Clemence and Renn had a great time . We were joined by Gemma Knight with Woody and Locke , Hayley Walker with Finn and Gail Steer with Chloe .The dogs thoroughly enjoyed their public

February 1st 2009

Urgh two Open shows in one weekend !
Luna won her class today with Remus coming second under Mel Culver at Belper Kennel Open show. Many thanks to Kelly for handling Luna.

January 31st 2009

Many thanks to Kelly Holland and Alex Webster for taking Remus and Luna to Stafford show and handling them under Rachel Davies ( Harlistream). Remus won the class today with Luna second ! Cheers ladies x
I went off picking up at Monkwood instead !!!

January 27th 2009

Coalville and District today and Remus won his class , many thanks to the judge Dawn Warrington

January 25th 2009

Many thanks to Roz and David Bellamy for the invite to Kim Adam’s shoot again .We have just had a fantastic couple of days picking up . A total Flat Coat picking up team with Seymour , Rosie , Fleur ,Renn and Linnet. The birds were still plentiful even for the end of the season and the dogs had some good birds and difficult cover to retrieve in. More photos can be seen here .

January 14th 2009

Today the girls and I have joined Roz and David Bellamy on the Radford Shoot which I thoroughly enjoyed . The morning started out very foggy but turned into a very nice day . We had some fantastic birds to pick and in quite varied cover too

January 9th &10th 2009

Alovely weekend spent with Nadja and Barbel from Germany . First we showed them a typical English Dog Show ...cold damp awful weather ...Boston Champ Show followed on Saturday by a very frosty days shoot at Monkwood . July got to retrieve her first English game !!

January 6th 2009

Today I have been over to see the new Castlerock babies , they are beautiful . They have the most fantastic heads Seymour has given so far and have the most wonderful bone . Finn Thorsen and Anne-Lise Falk have come over from Norway to pick a dog puppy from the litter .”Dandy “ as he will be called will head over to Norway in December.

January 1st 2009

What a way to start 2009 off …. at a dog show !!!

Remus Luna and Clemence made the journey to Coventry under Richard Stafford . Clemence won her class and loved her day out !!
Thanks to Hayley Walker for handling Remus for me .

An excellent day at Monkwood again . I joined the Beaters today with Linnet , Renn and Seymour. The dogs behaved impeccably and kept in line the whole time . It was lots of fun and much more fun than standing around in the cold !!

Happy Christmas everyone from Berrie , Connie and Martha

Courtesy of Rainesgift , Flatcharm and Woodfinch


December 20th 2008- Lincoln- Judge -Alex Webster(Layasway)

Remus was second in his class , Luna and Clem were first in theirs - a good day !

December 12th 2008 - LKA - Juge Linda Hughes (Candease)

Remus won his class and Seymour was second in his.

November 27th 2008

Today Renn, Linnet and I accompanied Roz Bellamy and Fleur to Wales !! The birds were very high and very plentiful ! The banks were thick and very dense and the girls ( and us) worked their socks off ! But it wouldn’t be Wales if it didn’t rain ..and rain it did !!!
Many thanks to Kim for the bed for the night and the invite.

November 26th 2008

Renn and I were invited to join Roz and David Bellamy (and Fleur) on the Rufford shoot . Renn did me proud on an excellent Partridge runner , she hadn’t see it run but followed the scent from the gun until she was on it …fantastic to watch . I was nearly knocked out by a cock pheasant that had I not ducked would have hit me as it sailed towards me . Renn handled it well as it fell at her feet !
Clemence also enjoyed a drive and spent most of it in the Duck pond retrieving ducks and pheasants . How perfect was that for Clem ? We need to work on the calm bit I think !!!
Many thanks again for the invite Roz !!!

November 15th 2008

I have at last managed to go on a shoot armed with a camera !!! Unfortunately my dogs were not the ones picking up ! Roz and David Bellamy’s Swedish guests had a fantastic time with their dogs and feature in most of my photos of the day . Click here for the photos .

November 8th 2008

A fantastic few days in North Berwick on the Balgone Estate saw our little party in the cards at Gundog Breeds of Scotland . With Viv Bowen judging we all had a good day but huge congratulations to Jonna Vassbotn and Tobias , the multi titled Almanza my Wish is Your Command won the Dog CC and BOB . We celebrated in style back at the fantastic house with Champagne and the famous Roz Bellamy meringues !!!
The Sunday saw us hitting the Yellow Craig Beach ( click here for more photos) with a total of 13 Flat Coats and Daniel the Spaniel. The dogs had a fantastic time and the weather although cold was lovely . Thanks everyone for making it so enjoyable …as always !!!

November 6th 2008

Renn and I have been off for an excellent days picking up on the Kneesall shoot , many thanks to Trevor for inviting us !!

November 3rd 2008

Seymour has become a daddy again , Castlerock Magic Moment has had her babies today …. Mum and babies finally doing well.

November 2nd 2008 -

N.E.F.R.A ‘s first Championship Show today and what a lovely venue , excellently ran and sponsored by EUKANUBA too !! Remus looked totally out of his depth in the Junior class and un surprisingly came away cardless although Seymour gained a 5th in a very strong Limit Class .
Finn and Fleur were the stars of the day both holding their own in their respective classes .
Ronnie and Susan’s Islstrom Little Missy won her class with mum “Breagh” going on to win hers and the Reserve CC ……congrats Ronnie and Susan , she’s never looked better !

November 1st 2008

Roz , Fleur , Berrie and I were joined by Hayley Walker and Rosie today on the Monkwood Shoot . They both had an excellent day Berrie very graciously gave up some of her birds for Rosie …

October 25th 2008 - Midland Counties -Judge Sue Pingree (Heathridge)

This was Sue's first CC appointment. Remus won his class and went on to win Best Puppy Dog. Seymour gained a 3rd in Limit. Luna went cardless ….but Clemence was an absolute star today , she showed her little socks off in the ring gaining a 2nd in her Graduate class. Fresh from her picking up the uber dual purpose Renn looked suitably coatless in her class and went cardless too !

October 23rd 2008

Wow …today Renn , Linnet and I joined Roz and Fleur on the most fantastic shoot in Wales . Ran by Keeper Kim Adams ( Suskim Flat Coats) the place is truly amazing and the scenery is stunning !! It’s a relatively new shoot and so is absolutely immaculate . The mornings picking up was fantastic with some excellent drives and vertical banks to pick up on ! Watching Renn sweeping and hunting in some of the cover was wonderful . In the afternoon the heavens opened and we were drenched through to the skin ..the girls though performed fantastically on the last drive of the day which saw us very proudly making our way back to Derbyshire Many thank to Kim and Sue for the bed for the night and the lovely food …. and the experience although next time I won’t be without my Camera!!!!!

0ctober 20th 2008

At last they have arrived ! After a year of almost daily e-mail exchanges it was great to finally meet Liz and Andy of the Blazingstar Kennel , Alberta ,Canada. They have spent the last two days getting to know the Rainesgift gang with the added experience of the Flatcharms and Lizzlogs !!!
We joined Roz and David Bellamy on a shoot at Blacklocks with Renn , Clemence and Fraser picking up I think they found the experience very different to the hunting they are used back home ( click here for more photos) . It was great to spend time with them and hope they will be back soon !!!

October 18th 2008

Today Renn , Linnet and I joined Roz and Fleur on the Monkwood shoot a really, nice small but very friendly shoot . I think I could get used to all the food and drink breaks ! The girls must have done well as we have been asked back !! I was very proud of Renn , she seems to be braver than Linnet and loves to hunt and uses her nose the whole time . She found some very difficult birds … very proud mum !!
No camera though !!!

October 15th 2008 - Gundog Society of Wales -Judge Ann Youens (Riverglide)-
Remus won his last puppy dog class going on to win Best puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Breed. We stayed for Best Puppy In Show and although we didn’t get anywhere it was a fun experience !!
R.Hucklebery Finn to Lizzlog gained a 5th in Graduate dog.
Barry and Carol Thomas’s Castlerock Magic Charm of Graylswater ( Remus and Luna’s dad) won a really good 2nd place in Graduate dog .
Seymour won a second in Limit dog.
Luna gained a very respectable 2nd in her first Junior Class (due to a clerical error … on my part) she was beaten by Beanit Molly Malone …so that’s okay !!
Jane Calverley’s Gwenadillo Seeka Wish and Gwenadillo Wish For Mour both won their Minor Puppy classes with Jane’s “ Sika” going Best Puppy bitch …well done Jane and Sika !!!
The gorgeous Rainesgift The Dawn Chorus ( Fran) won a fantastic limit class and showed her little heart out for Gemma again . Well done Gail !!

October 13th 2009

Stop press …Renn , Berrie and Clemence seemed to raise NO objections to retrieving Mr Duck and photos have been taken and duly despatched to Mrs Goodman for the proposed Southern Flat Coat Society .

October 12th 2008

Wow what a fantastic day , Gemma Knight and Mark Jacobs have hosted at Browns Cottage the most fabulous get together of Flat Coats to raise money for the newly proposed Southern Flat Coated Retriever Club. Amongst the 40 plus 42 Flat Coats there were 2 Wire Haired Fox Terriers , 2 Cocker Spaniels and a Golden Retriever . We all went for a walk around Nuthampstead eventually heading back to Gemma’s for some fabulous foods …many thanks to Fred and Sue Knight . Whilst the longest raffle ever took place the dogs had a whale of a time chasing around the garden (click her to read Gemma’s take on the day ). I , as always spent most of the day behind the camera More photos of the day can be seen here .
Remus seemed to have a fantastic time and both Finn and Rosie slept the whole way back to Derbyshire Many thanks to Gemma and Mark

October 11th 2008

Today I have been on my first shoot with Linnet … I joined Roz and David Bellamy and picked up for David . Linnet behaved impeccably and sat quietly off the lead the whole time . She retrieved all she was sent for ( although she wasn’t very keen on the ducks !!) and seemed to enjoy her day . Many thanks to Roz and David for inviting us …. I have brought some birds home for the raffle at Browns Cottage tomorrow and for a photo quest from Sue Goodman for the Southern Flat Coated Retriever Club ( proposed )

September 20th 2008

Driffield - Judge John Thirwell

Remus won a 2nd in Puppy dog while Seymour won an excellent Limit Dog class !! A lovely sunny day in the end , the camera came out for a photo shoot and it was nice to spend time with Nina ( Covenstead) before she heads back to Norway

September 7th 2008

Richmond Championship Show - Judge Sylvia Bunting ( Mossdew)

What an experience …. the Showground was a complete and utter mud bath and showing in wellies is not an enjoyable experience ! The gang were on the end of line all day , although Jenny Campbell’s Beanit Money Penny for Ronevorg won an excellent

Birmingham Judge Karen Joyce (Stranfaer)
Firstly thanks to all my friends who joined me for a drink down the benches to celebrate my birthday . Many thanks for the present and cake gang and by the way I‘m 37 not 40 !!  

The Rainesgifts had a good day!!Best veteran in show was Renn .
Remus went Best Puppy dog ,
Finn won a 3rd in Graduate ,
Seymour was 3rd in Limit .
Luna won Puppy bitch but was beaten by Jane Calverley and Gwenadillo Seeka Wish for Best Puppy bitch . Sika then beat Remus for Best Puppy in Show ….well done girls !!!
Islstrom Little Missy won Graduate
Rainesgift Fleur-De-Lis for Woodfinch was 2nd and Calwish Rosebud was 4th.
Rainesgift The Dawn Chorus was 2nd in a good limit class
Linnet was 4th in open . A good day was had by all !!!


August 23rd 2008 - Scottish Kennel Club - Judge Val Orme

Another good day with Remus , Luna winning their puppy classes and then Remus went Best puppy in breed . Renn won a lovely Limit Class …. Very special as she has hardly been shown since her Torsion. Seymour won a 3rd in Limit dog and Linnet came 4th in Open bitch.

August 13th 2008

United Retriever Championship Show Judges Brian Izzard - Dogs Louise Jones- Bitches

Just the boys and Luna at this show …. Remus won a second in Puppy , Seymour won his class and Luna gained a 3rd in puppy

August 6th 2008-Paignton Championship Show - Judge Chris Atkinson

A good day , Remus got a 2nd in Puppy dog . Seymour won a 2nd in Limit beaten by his half brother , the lovely Mr Indigo .Luna won Puppy Bitch , Fleur won a very strong Graduate class and Renn had a 2nd in Limit bitch … very pleased ! Linnet gained a 5th in very strong Open class . Many many thanks to the brilliant Sam Moult for running the dogs for me …I hope you enjoyed running them as much as I enjoyed watching them !

August 4th 2008

We have been to an eye testing Clinic by Ian Mason today held at Dorothy Brooks kennel. Remus Luna and Linnet have passed their Gonioscopy and PRA . Linnet originally failed her Gonioscopy in 2005 with a minor fail in one eye. I never went for a second opinion but as the others were going today I decided to take her …she passed . Rosie and Clemence also had their PRA updates today. All passed with no problems !!!

July 27th 2008

CLA Fair . Blenheim Palace , Oxfordshire .

Remus , Luna and Gemma Knight’s Loch and Hettie have been in the Gundog Tent as examples of the Flat Coated Retriever !! N incredibly hot day but they thoroughly enjoyed their day and never stopped meeting and greeting their public !! They had a lovely swim in the river at the end of the day and I am now sporting a very bad ankle injury thanks to the exuberant Mr Lachlan !!

Many thanks to Roz Bellamy for the invite

July 2nd - 6th 2008

World Dog Show ,Stockholm , Sweden

We ,Gemma Knight , Terri Durrant , Hayley Walker , Alex Webster , Kelly Holland , Laura Keight , Lynne Bryant , Karl O’Connor , Jenny Campbell , Chris Holmes , Brenda Hutchinson and Roz Bellamy are just back from a fantastic holiday in a very sunny Sweden . Our first show of the holiday was at Almare Staket and we supported our English judges David Bellamy , Roger Milbank , Sarah Whittaker and Brian Izzard .The second day was judged by Chris Holmes and Jock McKay . A full but very frank account of our holiday can be read here ,written by Gemma Knight it has made such publications as “ Our Dogs” and the “Flat Coat Society News Letter “ . Photos can also be see here !!

June 15th 2008

Border Union - Judge Frank white ( Kazval )

Any excuse for holiday , we have had another lovely holiday with really good weather and excellent company . We have stayed in the “ Cleughead Cottage “ in Newcastleton tucked into the middle of nowhere in the Borders The dogs have had a whale of time in the grounds and in the pond . Many thanks to Gemma Knight for bringing her very useful Petcetera blaster !!

We all had a great show too …
Viv Bowen and Sprout winning 1st Minor Puppy dog ( Remus was 2nd .
The Champunzie’s had a good day with Dorothy Coakleys boy “Invader Dream “ winning Junior dog and C. Touchy Feely gaining a very good 4th in her class .
Finn and Rosie won their classes .
Seymour was 2nd in Limit .
Luna won Minor Puppy Bitch and went Best Puppy In Breed .
Highlight of the day was Anette Dyren’s Toffeedreams Seven from Heaven winning Best of Breed , normally handled by Kelly Holland today Gemma Knight had the honour and took her through to group 3 in the Gundog Group under Per Iverson !!!!!





Border Union


Three Counties Show at Malvern

Judge Jenny Morgan (Wolfhill)

Another fantastic day with Remus and Luna winning their Minor Puppy classes , both winning puppy and this time it was Luna's turn to take Best Puppy In Breed (thanks to Gemma again )

Clemence won her yearling bitch class

Flat Coated Retriever Diamond Anniversary Open Show

Judged By Saskia Rathenau (Waggingtails) and Finn Thorsen (Flatgarden)

A fantastic day for the Rainesgift kennel and their offspring ... but more importantly a great FUN weekend . Many thanks for the Society for putting on a great show !!

Photos from the event can be seen here

Luna won Minor Puppy bitch going on to win Puppy bitch ...again they had to compete with each other and this time after much running around the ring ( thanks again to Gemma Knight for handling Remus) Remus went Best Puppy in Show !!!
  Phil and Sue Goodman's Beanit Molly Malone won Junior bitch
  Clemence came second in Yearling bitch beaten by her sister Roz Bellamys Rainesgift Fleur De Lis
  Rainesgift Hucklebery Finn won a 3rd in Yearling dog
  Calswish Rosebud to Lizzlog won a 3rd in Graduate bitch
  Linnet won 3rd in Open bitch
Seymour won a 4th in Special Working Gundog

Southern Counties 30-06-08 - Judge Ivonne Rudin (Suford)

Remus won minor puppy dog and Best Puppy Dog
Luna won minor puppy bitch and Best puppy bitch going on to beat Remus by taking Best Puppy in Breed
Champunzie Invader Dream won both his classes
  Rainesgift The Apocalypse won a third in graduate dog. Congratulations to owner Mike Bloxsome as this was Apollo's first oputing since Crufts 2007
Seymour won limit dog and went on to win this 5th Reserve CC!!
  Linnet won a 5th in Limit Bitch

Karen Joyces'Rainesgift Dawn of Tyme won a 4th in the same class.

S.K.C. May 2008 - Bob Lane

Champunzie Invader Dream won Junior and came second in Novice Congratulations to Dorothy . A good day for Mary Ball as his sister Champunzie Touchy Feely won second in Junior and yearling . This qualifies them both for Crufts 2009....
Elma continued her winning ways with Braidwyn Bennigan by winning Minor puppy dog

N.E.F.R.A 2008

Congratulations to those who entered Rainesgift Summer Thyme won Reserve Best Bitch in show under Chris Bexon and Kelly Holland's Flatcharm Diamond Geezer won his class under Rob Ashcroft .

April 2009 WELKS held at Malvern Judged by Jackie Lane (Chaftop)

Rainesgift Over the Moon and his sister Rainesgift Fleur De Luna made their showing debut . Remus was a little daunted by this dog showing lark but both benched fantastically !! Remus won a fifth in Minor Puppy dog whilst his sister Luna won the minor puppy bitch class therefore Qualifying for Crufts 2009.
Roz Bellamys Rainesgift Fleur De Lis for Woodfinch also Qualified for Crufts 2009 too !! Well done to Roz and Fleur !!
Congratulations to Elma Winton and Braidwyn Bennigan for winning the Minor puppy dog class!

Flat Coated Retriever Club of Scotland held at Lanark

Many thanks to Judges Brian Izzard and to Victoria Stibbe Willis . A big thanks to Hayley Walker for giving the pleasure of watching Clemence in the line up !!!

...Wow another great day .... Clemence won a lovely yearling Class .
Linnet won Limit bitch and went on to take the Reserve CC !!!
  Berrie gained a third in Veteran bitch and now aged 10 years still shows no sign of slowing it down when it comes to the Show ring !!!
Seymour won a fourth in his Limit Class
  Jenny Campbells Beanit Moneypenny of Ronevorg came second in Junior bitch .
Kelly Holland and Hayley Walker and the boys continued their winning ways with Max winning Yearling dog and Finn coming third !!
Well done to the Ross's Islstrom Little Missy for her third in Yearling bitch and her brother Islstrom Quillan for winning the Graduate Class.
Elma Wintons little boy Braidwyn Bennigan ( Rainesgift Seymour ex Braidwyn Beriet) won a fourth in the minor puppy dog class. Well done at his first Show !!!
Their mother SH CH Islstrom Farranta (one of my favourite bitches) bred and owned by Ronnie and Susan Ross went on to take the bitch CC ,with the help of some excellent trimming !! Congratulations ! Just goes to show the old ones still have it ...and Breagh looked good too Ronnie !!!!


Flatcoated Retriever Society Championship Show

Many thanks to judges Judy Showell (bitches) and Jenny Bird (dogs)

A good day for the Rainesgift team starting with Berrie who won a commended in the Veteran bitch class

Clemence who gained a second in a massive yearling class of 28 !!!
Rainesgift The Dawn Chorus (Fran) won a fourth in Post Graduate bitch
Rainesgift The Dawn of Tyme for Stranfaer gained a VHC in Mid Limit
Congratulations also to Phil and Sue Goodman and their Beanit Molly Malone for her Second in the Puppy bitch class !!
Also to Catherine Larners Calswish Ruby Slippers who gained a 3rd in Under graduate and her sister the Walkers Calwish Rosebud fo lizzlog won a Reserve in Graduate bitch .  
Kelly Hollands Flatcharm Diamond Geezer ( Max) gaining a commended
A huge congratulations to Anette Dyren and Kelly Holland with Carmen SU CH Toffee Dreams Seven from Heaven for gaining her English title ...well done !!!!


Seymour won a very respectable third in a strong limit class  



12th March 2008 - Crufts

Crufts 2008 didn't we do well !!!

Congratulations to The Ross's Islstrom Quillan (JW) , Hayley Walkers Rainesgift Hucklebery Finn to Lizzlog (JW) and Kelly Hollands Flatcharm Diamond Geezer for their 2nd, 3rd and 5th in Yearling dog .

To Seymour himself for winning Special Working Gundog !!

Well done to Jenny Campbell and Beanit Money Penny ( Bred by Phil and Sue Goodman out of RAINESGIFT SERENDIPITY) for coming 5th in Puppy bitch!!!

To NETHERLANDS CHAMPION RAINESGIFT MID SUMMERS DREAM for making the journey over to Crufts from Holland and a HUGE congratulations to her beautiful DAUGHTER Brightmoor Irish Mist for winning a fantastic Yearling .Well done Wies they're a credit to you !

Also to Roz Bellamy's Rainesgift Fleur De Lis for coming 5th in the same class and my own Rainesgift Clemence for making the cut in such a big class.

The wonderful Rainesgift The Dawn Chorus owned by Gail Jones (Springlindi) and handled by Gemma Knight for her 3rd in Graduate bitch.

Well done also to Phil and Sue Goodman and their Beanit and Rainesgift babies and to RAINESGIFT SUMMER THYME's babies , the Calswish girls and my own Hempths Linnet for Rainesgift (who made the cut in mid Limit) for Qualifying for Crufts 2008 .

I'm very proud ....can you tell ? Hayley


Seymour has become a daddy again , Jane Calverleys Gwenadillo Christmas Wish has given birth to 5 boys and 4 girls. Mum and babies doing well.


Rainesgift Hucklebery Finn to Lizzlog has passsed both his eye tests today


Congratulations to Ronnie and Susan Ross and Islstrom Quillan JW for winning N.E.F.R.A's Pup of the year competition . It was a lovely day with little bit of a shakey start (kelly) but owners and their dogs took it all in their stride . All the dogs were turned out beautifully and all were so well behaved . The competition is run in the same way as amatch night is with dogs competing in pairs with the winner going into the next round and so on . Seymours babies all did well , eventually competing against each other . Bit of a win win situation !!!

So well done to Ronnie and Susan and Missy too,Kelly with Niamh and Max, Roz with Fleur, Hayley with Finn , Mary with Lola and to the Beanit babies ... Jenny with Sally and Rob and Lorraine with Reece

Well done to all who competed !



Today I have been to visit Inzie at the Dogs For the Disabled training Centre in Banbury . Many thanks to Cheryl his trainer for inviting me and showing me around. It's a truly fantastic place ! More to's now on .


Remus and Luna have had their second injections today ... not long before they'll be un-leashed on the un suspecting Belper folk !!


Bostons first CC giving show today judged by Mike Anderson saw Seymour gaining a second in a good Limit class (handled by Miss Gemma Knight ) .Well done also for Rosie's first and to Finn's for his two firsts .Plus Fleur for her VHC ! Not a bad start to the year !

But a huge huge Congatulations to Kelly Holland ( Flatcharm ) for her wondeful handling skills by gaining SU CH & NU CH Toffee Dreams Seven from Heaven "Carmens" second English CC. Well done Anette !!!

31st December 2007


A fantastic day out training today ... Many thanks to Roz Bellamy and Trevor for their time and patience . I shall add photo's to the gallery in due course . Photo's now on .....



Just to say Happy Christmas and have a fantastic New Year to all those Flat coats and their people out there !!!!

The puppies are all very settled in their new homes bar Lola who goes to her new home tommorow.

Luna and Remus who are staying are forming their characters and both are confident and outgoing . Remus seems to be very loving whilst Luna appears to be the brains of the out fit !!!

I have added new Hip and Eye results to Seymours progeny page .


Rainesgift Clemence has qualified for Crufts 2008 by winning 2nd Junior Bitch under Bob Allen at LKA

19th November 2007

A winning streak , well done again Phil and Sue , for Molly winning puppy and Darcy winning Junior and Special beginners and going Res BOB At Mid Herts Gundog !

Also for Bree , Darcy and Molly for passing their eye tests including Gonioscopy !!!


18th November 2007

Congratulations to Phil and Sue Goodman with their Rainesgift Classic Affair at Beanit, Darcy gained his Junior Warrant today !!!!


Gundog Breeds of Scotland judge

Well done to Jenny Campbell and her Beanit Miss Money Penny on Qualifying for Crufts at Their first show . Well done girls ! Also well done to Hayley with Rosie and Finn for winning their classes !!!

4th November 2007

Congratulations to the new Seymour puppy in the show ring Mary Balls "Champunzi Touchy Feely" . Mary and Lola won Minor puppy bitch , Best puppy bitch and then went on to take Best puppy in Show at N.E.F.R.A today !!! Well done girls !
Islstrom Quillan has passed his PRA inc Gonioscopy today.



Midland Counties Championship Show - Judge Shirley Oxford

A massive congratulations to Hayley Walker and her boy Rainesgift Hucklebery Finn to Lizzlog . Finn won his Junior Warrant (subject to KC Conformation) in style ! Finn won Ist Junior dog 1st yearling dog and then went on to take the Reserve CC !!!

Well done to Rosie for her win too .

Congratulations also to Ronnie and Susan for Quillan , Missy's and SH CH Islstrom Farranta for their wins.

Also Phil and Sue Godman and their Beanit Molly malone !


Renn had her puppies this afternoon , 4 Boys 3 Girls !!! All born within in 1hr 35 mins . Mum and babies doing very well !!! Photo's to follow !!!


Ronnie and Susan Ross's Islstrom Little Missy has passed her PRA and Gonioscopy today !


Renn has been scanned today and we have seen 7 puppies

Puppies due 27/10/2007


Congratulations to Ronnie and Susan Ross's Islstrom Little Missy who today joins her brother Islstrom Quillan by gaining her Junior Warrant ( subject To KC confirmation ) Well done !!!


Roz Bellamy's Rainesgift Fleur De Lis has passed her PRA and Gonioscopy today!


A huge Congratulations to Gail Jones (Springlindi) and Rainesgift The Dawn Chorus ! Handled by Miss Gemma Knight Fran went Reserve Best Bitch In Show at the Southern Flat Coat Open Show under Mr Ronnie Ross . Also Congratulations to Rainesgift Classic Affair , Rainesgift Fleur De Lis and Rainesgift Bree Vandekamp for their wins ! Well done all !!

1st October 2007

Rainesgift Bree Vandekamp went BOB today at Portsmouth and Southsea Kennel Association Open Show (Judge Mrs C Hawes - Carkathian). Winning Junior and Graduate. Rainesgift Classic Affair (Darcy) was 2nd in both classes

16th January 2006

For all those of you who don't already know ...I am under strict instructions from Laura to let you all know that Seymour (and Laura) have today ..passed the Show Dog Qualifier with flying colours !
This entitles Seymour to his Full Championship title if he gains his show Championship ! We have one VERY proud Laura ...and of course one VERY proud breeder - Hayley

2006 NU.CH HEMPTH'S OTARD has returned home to Norway . He leaves a fantastic legacy here with one of his sons joining The Dogs for the Disabled as an assistance dog in training !

Congratulations to the lovely Elin Gasteren and Hempths James Bonzo over in Norway !
JB has now become the2nd Champion from Hempths Solar Effe and NU CH Hempths Sandi
the other being the wonderful NU CH HEMPTHS OTARD . Congratulations and lots of Love to Elin ( and of course to Thor Jakobsen )


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