1. D Rainesgift By Jove
  2. D Rainesgift The Life Of Riley
  3. D Rainesgift Wild Goose Chase
  4. B Rainesgift Heavens To Betsy
  5. B Rainesgift Heavens Above
  6. B Rainesgift Hells Bells

Castlerock Magic's Stake On Clearfield ex SH CH Rainesgift Clemence

D.O.B 29/08/2013

  1. B Rainesgift Rumour Has It

Broomsward Hugo Boss By Gemswin ex Rainesgift Fleur De Luna JW

D.O.B 07/05/2013 - Pedigree

  1. D Rainesgift Traveller
  2. D Rainesgift Time Flies
  3. D Rainesgift It's A Matter of Time
  4. D Rainesgift Out Of Time
  5. D Rainesgift Show Time
  6. D Rainesgift Perfect Timing
  7. D Rainesgift Times Like These
  8. D Rainesgift Time To Pretend
  9. B Rainesgift Bide Your Time
  10. B Rainesgift It's About Time


Capeldewi Night and Day ex Show Champion Rainesgift Clemence

D.O.B 02/04/2010 - Pedigree

    Castlerock Magic Charm at Graylswater ex Rainesgift Renn with Kilbourne

    D.O.B 23/10/07 - Pedigree

  1. D Rainesgift Over the Moon JW SDC Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy - Hips 3-3- Free from Patella Luxation - Elbows 0-0
  2. D Rainesgift Moonbeam
  3. D Rainesgift Moonriver
  4. D Rainesgift New Moon Rising
  5. B Rainesgift Fleur de Luna JW Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy Free from Patella Luxation
  6. B Rainesgift Moonlighting
  7. B Rainesgift The Moon of Love

    NU CH Hempths Otard ex Rainesgift Renn with Kilbourne

    D.O.B 30/07/06 - Pedigree

  1. D Rainesgift Guiding Light Assistance Dog for Dogs for the Disabled
  2. D Rainesgift Northern Light
  3. B Rainesgift First Light
  4. B Rainesgift By Candlelight
  5. B Rainesgift In the Limelight

    Champion. Rainesgift Seymour SDC SGWC x Hempths Linnet for Rainesgift (Nor Imp)

    D.O.B 18/07/06- Pedigree

  1. D Rainesgift Classic Affair at Beanit JW Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy- Hips 3-3 Free from Patella Luxation
  2. D Rainesgift Foreign Affair
  3. D Rainesgift Hucklebery Finn to Lizzlog JW Eyes Clear- Inc Gonioscopy Hips 4-4
  4. B Rainesgift Fleur de Lis for Woodfinch Shooting Dog Certificate (B) Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy -Hips 3-4 Elbows 0-0 -Free from Patella Luxation
  5. B Show Champion. Rainesgift Clemence Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy- Hips 3-5
  6. B Rainesgift Stargazer
  7. B Rainesgift Myrtle Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy
  8. B Rainesgift Lupin
  9. B Rainesgift Bree vandekamp at Beanit Eyes Clear In Gonioscopy Hips 4-4 -Free from Patella Luxation
  10. B Rainesgift Wilma
  11. B Rainesgift Apassionata

    CHAMPION Rainesgift SeymourSDC SGWC ex SHOW CHAMPION Here Comes The Rain

    D.O.B 27/03/05 - Pedigree

  1. D Rainesgift The Lyricist Eyes Clear- Failure in one eye for Gonioscopy due to suspected Trauma
  2. D Rainesgift The Midnight Oil
  3. D Rainesgift The Apocalypse
  4. B Rainesgift The Dawn Chorus Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy- Hips 3-3
  5. B Rainesgift The Dawn of Tyme of Stranfaer JW Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy -Hips 4-3
  6. B Rainesgift The Dawn Patrol

    Shiredale Lord Of the Rings ex Rainy Day and Sundays

    D.O.B 12/03/03 - Pedigree

  1. D CHAMPION. Rainesgift SeymourSDC SGWC Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy -Hips 4-2 -Patella Luxation Free-SGWC
  2. D Rainesgift Sirius
  3. D Rainesgift Sullivan
  4. B Rainesgift Skye
  5. B Rainesgift Semele
  6. B Rainesgift Sasha
  7. B Rainesgift Scarlett
  8. B Rainesgift Seville
  9. B Rainesgift Serendipity at Beanit Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy -Hips 3-4

    CH Steeplehouse Chipper ex SHOW CHAMPION Here Comes The Rain

    D.O.B 05/03/02 - Pedigree

  1. B Rainesgift Summer Thyme at Steeplehouse JW Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy -Hips 2-2
  2. B LUX JUN CH NETHERLANDS CH Rainesgift Mid Summers dream Eyes Clear- Hips -Free from Patella Luxation- Hips B1

    Champion.Steeplehouse Chipper ex Rainy Day and Sundays

    D.O.B 28/01/01 - Pedigree

  1. D Rainesgift Reiver Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy- Hips 3-3
  2. B Rainesgift Renn with Kilbourne Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy -Hips 6-3

    Riversflight Neath of Beanit ex Kentee Innes - D.O.B 15/04/98

  1. D Rainmaker
  2. D It’s Raining Again
  3. D High Beck
  4. D Sunshine After The Rain
  5. D Wheelers Black Rain ( EXP NORWAY) Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy- Hips 2-7
  6. B Rainy Day and Sundays Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy -Hips 4-4
  7. B Show Champion.Here Comes The Rain Eyes Clear Inc Gonioscopy -Hips 5-6

    Torwood Paradox ex Torwood Bizzie Bee

    D.O.B 02/02/96 - Pedigree


  1. D Henley Regatta
  2. D High Tove Harrier
  3. D Holbeckers Heron
  4. D High Tove Huckleberry
  5. B Heather Wrecker Hillie
  6. B Holdens Drive Harvey
  7. B Holdens Drive Hope
  8. B Holbeckers Holly Berry Eyes Clear Fail for Gonio -Hips 4-3
  9. Harpurs Diesel and Dust (D)
  10. D Harris Tweed

    Riversflight Juba JW ex Torwood Bizzie Bee

    D.O.B 29/08/92 -Pedigree

  1. D Brooke Tasker
  2. D Tallon Jones
  3. B Bachop Tarot
  4. B Tariff Loe
  5. B Tolly Fox
  6. B Kentee Innes Eyes Clear -Hips -6-5

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